Keep It Simple 5-gallon Compost Tea Brewing System

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The KIS 5-gallon system was designed for the home gardener or grower. It was developed to provide an organic solution for caring for our plants and soil, to help eliminate the reliance on harmful pesticides, and minimize the use of chemical fertilizers. It works by innoculating the plants and soil with the necessary microbes, that are often lacking in an urban setting, that the plant needs to ward off diseases and be healthier. KIS compost tea provides a safe, natural, and totally organic environment for your plants and soil! To see a comparison of our regular 5-gallon brewing system to our 5-gallon extended life brewing system, please click here

The Compost Tea Brewing System comes with:

  • 5-gallon bucket lid
  • High-velocity Aerator
    • Power Consumption = 110 volts single phase
    • Power Output (at maximum output) = 106.11W
  • Durable Plastic Tubing with Circular Coil Technology
  • 3 Compost Tea Food Packs in 400 micron mesh bags. (enough foods and compost for 3 complete brews).

Note: 5-gallon bucket is not included to save on shipping costs. You may order a brewing system with a bucket for $5.00 more by clicking here (this will raise the shipping costs). The unit without the bucket is blue and you may use any round 5-gallon bucket provided it has not had chemicals in it. You may also purchase a bucket at a local garden store or home depot. Approximate shipping weights without the bucket is 7 lbs., and ships in a 12x6x16 inch box with UPS.

Click here for assembly instructions

Why the KIS 5-gallon Brewing System?

  1. The only 12-hour Soil Food Web approved brewer in the world!
  2. Recommended by Dr. Elaine Ingham
  3. Excellent lab numbers
  4. Easy to clean and use
  5. Excellent customer suport with a toll free number you can call 7 days a week with any questions regarding compost tea

NOTE: Please call us at 1-206-351-3011 if you wish to know total shipping costs before ordering.

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