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It is extremely difficult to get high fungal numbers in your compost tea. The most important variable is your compost. If you don’t put a high fungal biomass into your brewer at the start of your brew, there’s no way to get a high fungal count in your finished compost tea. Our fungal compost has extremely high levels of beneficial fungi (click here to see our lab results), and allows us to make a diverse, bacterial/fungal balanced tea with high nutrient cycling. Many commercial and homemade brewers make good bacterial teas, but without a good fungal compost, foods, and aeration, you’ll never get high numbers of beneficial fungi on to your plants and into your soil.

Bulk Compost Care:

When the compost is delivered in woven mesh bags it can be left in these making sure mice don’t get into them. You will need to remove the cable tie and leave the top open to allow for optimal airflow. Do not stack the bags, and store in a cool moist location like a garage or basement.

Best possible storage would be to place the compost in a container with good airflow. A couple of 2×2’s under the container with holes in the bottom (6 at ¾”) works well. Also, make a couple of holes in the sides of the container and 4 holes in the lid. The reason we don’t use larger holes is because we want to make sure mice cannot get into the compost but want good air flow through the compost. Compost should be dampened with degassed, spring or well water a couple of times a month (compost tea works the best).

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Click here to view our WSDA Organic Certificate for the Fungal Compost

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