A microscope is an excellent tool in assessing the quality of your compost or compost tea. The microscopes we have below are comparable to or better than the Leica CME in image resolution, at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to provide a functional yet inexpensive quality microscope to support microbial based horticulture which we believe is of great benefit to the farmer, landscaper and home gardener. We maintain it to be just as much a tool as a shovel, hoe or lawn mower. Each microscope will also come with a DVD produced by Tim Wilson teaching the use of the microscope, general microscopy and some compost and compost tea observational techniques. You may wish to consider adding the Microscope Identification DVD to your order for additional videos and identification skills.

Image of microscopeFull Size Microscope

Price: $600.00

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This is a nice heavy microscope with a wide base for stability. The optics are very nice for such an inexpensive scope (superior to the small scope) and the brass gears are a nice bonus. With proper care it should perform for years.

Front facing view of microscopeFeatures:

  • Trinocular; binocular with camera port; nice inter-pupil adjustment; extra adapters for camera port.
  • Eyepieces: 20 mm extra widefield 10X & widefield 16X
  • Achromatic Objectives: 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X
  • Mechanical Stage (much larger than small scope)
  • Coaxial Course & Fine Focus; 0.02 mm increments
  • Brass Gears
  • Abbe Condenser 1.25 N.A. with swing-out filter holder; rack & pinion adjustment
  • Lamp; 20 watt halogen; adjustable intensity
  • 2 year warranty

Side by side image of full size and small microscope
Large and Small Microscopes side by side comparison

Large Microscope Images

Image from large microscope at 20x; brightfield image
Large Microscope 20x, Brightfield Image
Enhance image from large microscope at 20x
Large Microscope 20x, Enhanced Image
Large microscope at 40x image with blue filter
Large Microscope 40x Objective, Blue Filter
40x image from microscope; brightfield
Large Microscope 40x, Brightfield